Government didn't build your Home Equity - YOU DID!
But - Government has now enabled you to Receive a
NO MONTHLY PAYMENT FHA Home Loan along with a PILE of CASH!


Seniors are recognizing that traditional retirement tools, such as Social Security, Pensions, IRAs and 401(k), are not providing sufficient income to help fund everyday living expenses. At the same time, income from dividends is diminishing and savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit are yielding lower returns.

The Cost of Living keeps rising. We all need money to Pay Health Care Expenses, Make Home Modifications, Pay off Bills and Credit Cards or simply establish a cash reserve for emergencies. Just driving to the market has changed in the last couple of years as Food and Gas Prices have sky-rocketed. Perhaps you need to change your lifestyle and realize that more money can help; well, that's what we're all about - We can Help!

If you have 25-38%, or more equity in your home and you're over 62, You Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage.

The Reverse Loan can pay off your existing mortgage, so you will not have to pay that mortgage loan payment anymore - that's a Saving! Now, Here's the Double Savings - Depending on your equity position, you can also receive a monthly payment or cash lump sum from the Reverse Mortgage Lender and there are NO Monthly Loan Payments!

We're Discount Lenders employing all the Government Regulated Interest Rate Plans. Loan Qualification is solely dependent upon your age and your home equity. There are no upfront costs other than a small appraisal and independent counseling fee. Fees like Origination, Title, Mortgage Insurance and Closing Costs can be rolled into the loan.

Today, many Conventional Lenders are requiring a 20-25% Down Payment in purchasing a home. We now offer the Home Purchase HECM, so you can buy a home with as low as 25% Down and Have NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS.

We Guarantee that our Reverse Loans Program offers the lowest interest rates in the Reverse Mortgage Industry. We can process and close the loan in a couple of weeks.