Government didn't build your Home Equity - YOU DID!
But - Government has now enabled you to Receive a
NO MONTHLY PAYMENT FHA Home Loan along with a PILE of CASH!


Many Homeowners 62 and older can refinance their existing
mortgages using FHA's Home Equity Conversion Mortgage
Program, so they'll have –


The No Monthly Payment Re-Fi Loan pays off your
existing loan, so you'll have no more Monthly
Payments to make. There's No Credit, Income or
other requirements like Conventional Loans require.

To Qualify for the "ReFi" Reverse Mortgage, you must
have sufficient equity in your home. It depends on your
age – Older Owners require less equity while Younger
Owners require more equity. The required minimum
equity ranges from 25-38%. All that is required is an FHA appraisal of your home to determine your equity position.

To determine the minimum valuation of your home to qualify, enter the following:

Age of Youngest Borrower
The Total Amount Owing
on your Mortgage/Liens
Zip Code of Property
To Determine the Minimum Valuation
of Your Home to Qualify